Welcome to Our Happy Raindrops



I am incredibly excited to welcome you to join our new home-based family daycare!

   We are now enrolling children aged 3 months to 5 years old. Our affordable daycare located in San Francisco’s Oceanview District provides an exceptionally caring, nurturing and safe inclusive environment, focusing on building close, trusting relationships with every child and family. Like Happy Raindrops nurturing our young seedling children!    


    Our daycare philosophy is to promote each child’s healthy development through high quality care based on close observations of your child’s individual interests, needs, and interactions with others. We nurture our children through constant personal attention and individualized fun activities that promote learning through play as your child explores our exciting classroom offerings.

       We provide a variety of well-balanced, age-appropriate activities in reading, math, science, art, drama, music, social emotional, cognition, sensory, personal care, and fine- and gross-motor skills, helping our children reach all their developmental milestones.

    We also provide delicious and nutritious varied breakfast and lunch meals, as well as morning and afternoon snacks.

   Our daycare is committed to providing every child a strong foundation through developing curiosity and love of learning for their success and happiness when attending kindergarten upon leaving our childcare.

Our goal is for every child in our care to love coming to our daycare every day!

   As family daycare provider, I have vast teaching experience having worked as an early childhood education teacher for 16 years in infant, toddler and preschool classrooms, including 9 years in the Head Start program.  In addition, I earned my Teacher Certificates in Early Childhood Education in college in China and at City College of San Francisco.

    Throughout all these years of teaching and academics, and as a mother of two sons, I have long dreamed of creating my own daycare, always motivated by my deep love of children and the incredible joys they give their parents every day.

     I look forward to meeting you and your children, answering your questions about our daycare, and contributing all my passions in nurturing most healthy, happy and fun early childhood development for your little ones.

    我们现在正在招收3个月至5岁的儿童。 我们位于旧金山海景区日托中心提供格外关爱、培育和安全的包容性环境,专注于与每个孩子和家庭建立密切、信任的关系。 就像快乐雨滴哺育着我们的幼苗一样!

      我们的日托理念是在密切观察孩子的个人兴趣、需求以及与他人的互动的基础上,通过高质量的护理来促进每个孩子的健康发展。 我们通过持续的个人关注和个性化的有趣活动来培养我们的孩子,当您的孩子探索我们令人兴奋的课室时,这些活动可以促进通过游戏来学习。









Sensory activity in the backyard


infant play

nature and science

library area

dramatic area

block/manipulative area

art activity 

              circle time

art activity 

     construction time

look at me 

water play 

read together

              circle time 

          library  area 

          Science activity 

              Outdoor time 

           Outdoor time 



🏠 259 Wilson St San Francisco California 94112

Licensed by CDSS

🚼 Background checked

👩‍🏫 License number: 384004723

📚 Newly launched in 2023